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Health Department

  1. Document Request Form

    Use this form to request information from the health department on a property or food service located within Lenawee County. This... More…

  2. Health Department Criminal Background Check Authorization

    Completing this form will authorize the Health Department to conduct a criminal background check.

  3. How Did We Do?

    Please help us better meet your needs by telling us how we did today. Thank you!

  4. Lenawee County Health Department Confidentiality Agreement
  5. Movie Theater Ad Survey

    This survey will help us determine how many people have seen immunization ads at the Adrian movie theater.

  1. Food Handler Test
  2. Healthy Lenawee Community Cookbook
  3. Intern Application

    Individuals interested in an internship with the Lenawee County Health Department should complete this application which includes... More…

  4. Lenawee County Health Department Standards of Conduct Certification Statement