County Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is the legislative body of Lenawee County and, in addition, discharges a number of specific administrative responsibilities by State law.

BOARDS:  Find more on Standing Committees and  board appointments; including members and regular meeting schedules. 

  1. picture of david stimpson

    David Stimpson

    Additional Phone: 517-423-0999

    District 1

    City of Tecumseh, Tecumseh Township 

    Profession: Attorney 
    Commissioner since 2005
    Resides in Tecumseh

  1. picture of dustin krasny

    Dustin Krasny

    Additional Phone: 734-249-9226

    District 2

    Woodstock Township, Cambridge Township, Rome Township

    Commissioner since 2022

    Resides in Onsted

  1. picture of nancy jenkins-arno

    Nancy Jenkins-Arno

    Additional Phone: 517-605-4050

    District 3

    Rollin Township, Hudson Township, Medina Township, the City of Hudson, and the City of Morenci

    Profession:  Director of Development and Alumni Affairs for local school     
    Commissioner since 2019
    Resides in Clayton

  1. picture of dawn bales

    Dawn Bales

    Additional Phone: 517-215-3417

    District 4

    Dover Township, Madison Charter Township, Seneca Township (excluding City of Morenci), Fairfield Township

    Profession: Vice President/Community Banking Center Manager 
    Commissioner since December, 2015
    Resides in Madison Township 

  1. picture of kz bolton

    Karol "KZ" Bolton

    Additional Phone: 517-265-5376

    District 5

    Eastside City of Adrian (Voting precincts 1, 2, and 3)

    Profession: Retired Lab Tech/Chemist
    ommissioner since 2002
    Resides in Adrian 

  1. picture of terry collins

    Terry Collins

    Additional Phone: 517-265-8546

    District 6

    Westside City of Adrian (Voting precincts 4, 5, and 6)

    Profession: Retired police chief 
    Commissioner since 2013
    Resided in Adrian

  1. 7-martis-2023

    Kevon Martis

    Additional Phone: 517-403-2438

    District 7

    Palmyra, Blissfield , Deerfield, Ogden, Riga, and Ridgeway Townships

    Profession: General Contractor, Township Zoning Administrator  
    Commissioner since 2022
    Resides in Riga 

  1. 8-tillotson-2023

    Ralph Tillotson

    Additional Phone: 517-263-1804

    District 8

    Eastside of Adrian Township (excluding the city), and Raisin Township

    Profession: Small business, real estate, and agriculture 
    Commissioner since 1997
    Resides in Adrian

  1. 9-vandoren-2023

    Jim Van Doren

    Additional Phone: 517-403-1590

    District 9

    Westside of Adrian Township (excluding the city), Franklin Township, Clinton Township, and  Macon Township

    Profession:  Business Management, CEO      
    Commissioner since 2022
    Resides in Tipton