Friend of the Court

Banner showing five children smiling, and the words, "MiCase, Department of Human Services."
Statutorily, the Friend of the Court enforces domestic relation matters which include any Circuit Court proceeding as related to child custody, parenting time, or child or spousal support.

In 1919, each county was required through Michigan Legislation to develop a Friend of the Court office for the purpose of managing Domestic Relations cases. Additional legislation has further defined the mandatory, discretionary, and procedural processes and services that the Friend of the Court must provide.

Over the years, the people of the State of Michigan have enacted several legislative pieces that support proactive efforts in collecting child support and enforcing custody and parenting time orders. The requirements are designed to provide success in the efforts of Welfare Reform and better customer service. A large piece of what the Friend of the Court does is defined within the Social Security Act, Title IV, Section D, as well as, the Friend of the Court Act, the Support and Parenting Time Act and the Personal Work Responsibility Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996.