Children In Between

About the Program

The Children in Between program is an online course that is specifically ordered by the judge.  

The Goals of the Children in Between program are to provide parents with an understanding of their child's need for the involvement of both parents in the child's life, to help parents understand the needs of their child and to help parents with separate homes raise a healthy child.
 Register for Children in Between

 Only register for the Children in Between class if you have been ordered to do so.  You may register by completing the online registration available here:

Once registered, you will be contacted by the Friend of the Court by email.  You will also receive an additional email from the Center of Divorce Education regarding your free password to access your class.  You will have access to your class for 30 days.  You will be able to download and/or print your workbooks and your completion certificate once you have successfully completed the course.  For questions about this course, please email or contact Marshonnie Brinkman at (517) 264-4707.