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1. Does Lenawee County have tests?
2. How can I get tested?
3. Who is doing the testing in Lenawee County?
4. How are they doing the testing in Lenawee County?
5. Are out-of-county residents included in the reported case numbers daily because they are being treated in Lenawee County?
6. Where can I find the testing locations?
7. I can’t afford an appointment and a test for COVID-19, but I have symptoms. What should I do?
8. What is contact tracing?
9. Are the nursing homes and assisted living homes going to be tested in Lenawee County?
10. Is everyone from the prison being tested? Why have we seen a big jump in numbers at Gus Harrison?
11. Is anyone aware if any of our Migrant workers have been, are receiving testing, or have the information on how to go about receiving testing?
12. A co-worker tested positive for COVID-19, should I be concerned?