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1. How do I get an order for child support?
2. Do I need an attorney to get a support order?
3. May I receive child support after my child reaches age 18?
4. If I have been paying child support as required by the court's order but the custodial parent will not allow me the parenting time required by that order, do I have to keep paying support?
5. The other parent is not paying child support as ordered. What can I do?
6. My court order says to pay support through the Friend of the Court or the Michigan State Disbursement Unit. May I pay the other parent directly?
7. If I am receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Family Independence Program (FIP) public assistance, may I also receive child support?
8. Will the Friend of the Court make sure that child support money is spent on the children?