What are the primary functions of the Emergency Management Coordinator?
-Provide public informational programs, educate the population as to actions necessary for the protection of life and property in an emergency or disaster.
-Assist in the development of mutual aid agreements for disaster response.
-Oversee the implementation of all functions necessary during an emergency or disaster in accordance with the county Emergency Action Guidelines.
-Maintain the county emergency action guidelines in accordance with state and federal standards.
-Provide training, education and exercises to be better prepared for an emergency.
-Maintain the county emergency operations center (EOC) for an activation.
-Serve as a subject matter expert to the county Board of Commissioners and inform them about initiatives and challenges in emergency management & homeland Security.
-Ensure that all personnel who would take part in disaster operations are adequately trained in the National Incident Management system or (NIMS).
-Serve as the county liaison with all local, regional, state and Federal emergency preparedness officials and partners.

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1. What are the primary functions of the Emergency Management Coordinator?
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