What will the ballot questions say?


As provided in MCL 211.205c, by petition from the tax allocation board, shall the separate tax limitations be renewed and established for a period of five (5) years, 2021 through 2025, inclusive, or until altered by the voters of the County, for the County of Lenawee, the Townships therein, and for the Lenawee Intermediate School District, the aggregate of which shall not exceed 7.05 mills, as follows:

County of Lenawee 5.75
Townships 1.00
Lenawee Intermediate School District 0.30
Total 7.05


To fund 9-1-1 operations and pursuant to the Michigan Emergency Telephone Service Enabling Act and the Michigan Telecommunications Act, shall the County of Lenawee be authorized, beginning July 1, 2021 and continuing through June 30, 2025, to assess a monthly surcharge of up to 16%, (with all operational surcharges not to exceed $3.00 per month) of the lesser of $20.00 or the highest monthly flat rate for basic single-party telephone service within the geographic boundaries of Lenawee County, with the revenue thus generated to be distributed exclusively for the financing of equipment, facilities and all other operational costs of the Lenawee County 911 Emergency Telephone Answering and Dispatch System?


Shall the previously voted increase of .5 mills and .25 mills for a total of .75 mills in the limitation upon the total amount of general ad valorem taxes with Lenawee County imposed under Article IX, Sec. 6 of the Michigan Constitution be restored by renewal of .732 mills and an increase of .018 mills (.75 per $1,000 of taxable value) for the period of 2020 through 2025 inclusive, for operation of the Lenawee County Department on Aging, and shall the county levy such millage upon taxable real and personal property within the County for said purpose, thereby raising the first year, an estimated $2,732,657 and costing the owner of a home with a market value of $100,000 no more than $38 per year?

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1. What will the ballot questions say?
2. What will the proposed impact be on my taxes?
3. What will Lenawee County do if the renewals pass?
4. What services will continue as a result of these renewals?
5. What county services are mandated and which are non-mandated?
6. Why are there three County issues on this year’s ballot?
7. Why are we combining the two Senior millages? Will this increase my taxes?
8. The new 911 radio system is operational. Why are we renewing the 911 surcharge?