What County services are MANDATED and which are NON-MANDATED?

The table below lists most of the mandated and non-mandated services.  There are also county departments that exist in support of both mandated and non-mandated functions such as the Maintenance Department, Information Technology and Administration.

Mandated Functions

  • Courts
  • Jail
  • Constitutional Offices
  • Care of children
  • Defense of indigent offenders
  • Public health
  • Equalization
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Drain Commission
  • Medical Examiner

Non-Mandated Services

  • Public Transportation
  • Road and Marine Patrol
  • MSU Extension and 4-H
  • Economic Development
  • Senior services
  • Parks
  • Specialty Courts
  • Recycling
  • Conservation Service
  • Economic Crimes – Loss Recovery

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5. What County services are MANDATED and which are NON-MANDATED?
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15. Why not cut expenses and reduce costs?