Recycling Cardboard

DO recycle at the DOS

Corrugated cardboard boxes:  Clean, dry, and not OVER-SIZED! Remove any excess tape or plastic, or heavy staples.  It should be small enough to slide down to the bottom of the chute; approximately 2.5' x 2.5'. 

Food boxes: Also referred to as chipboard is welcome as long as it's clean and dry!

Newspapers:  clean and dry, do not bundle with string or rope; instead, place them in a PAPER grocery bag

Mixed Papers:  should be clean and dry & includes office paper, junk mail, phone books, and magazines 

DON'T recycle at the DOS

Pizza boxes:  Although some companies may accept pizza boxes for recycling, ours does not.  PLEASE DO NOT deposit pizza boxes at the County DOS.  

Wax or foil-lined cartons: Should be disposed of with household trash.

HARD cover books:  Hard cover books should be taken to a donation center. 

Take recycling to Goodwill or Neighbors of Hope

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Corrugated cardboard may also be taken to 

Goodwill Industries  or   Neighbors of Hope  

(Check their websites for hours of operation)

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