Incentives & Sanctions


Positive reinforcement must accompany the achievement of program goals and exhibited drug/alcohol-free behavior. Incentives are an immediate acknowledgment that goals are being accomplished. Incentives are offered as a tangible way to acknowledge a client reaching a sobriety milestone, progression to a new phase, or other times when their progress should be lauded.


  • relaxed curfew
  • phase progression
  • decreased supervision and alcohol/urine testing
  • gratitude journals
  • go first at hearings
  • less time in program
  • praise from bench
  • entertainment
  • gifts
  • certificates


Participants will be held accountable with Sobriety Court requirements. Graduated/progressive sanctions demonstrate immediate and swift consequences to negative or inappropriate behavior. Sanctions are levied to help shape future behavior and encourage compliance. Sanctions are discussed as a team and may be done formally (in front of the Judge as a Probation Violation) or informally (Probation amendment/verbally told).


  • curfew tightened-up
  • tether or other electronic monitoring
  • increased monitoring
  • community service
  • written/taped assignments
  • increased urine tests
  • return back to a previous phase
  • increase support
  • short-term jail