Small Claims

The civil department handles all Small Claims cases up to $6,000, General Civil cases up to $25,000, and all Landlord Tenant cases. For further information on cases scheduled for the week please see the district court Schedule Inquiry tab to the left. Or please call (517)264-4661
SMALL CLAIMS                                        FILING FEE

CLAIM UP TO $600                                        $30.00
CLAIM OVER $600 TO $1750                        $50.00
CLAIM OVER $1750 TO $6000                      $70.00
small claims picture
ADDITIONAL FEES                                                            
PROCESS SERVER FEE (process server will bill)             $26.00 plus mileage
CERTIFIED MAIL FEE                                                        $14.00 per defendant



FORM DC 84 (pdf)


FORM DC 104 (pdf) 

Possession Complaint

FORM DC 102c (pdf)

Nonpayment Complaint

FORM DC102 (pdf)

Nonpayment Notice (7day)

FORM DC 100a (pdf)

Possession Notice (30day)

FORM DC 100c (pdf)

Order of Eviction

FORM DC 107 (pdf)

Cares Act Verification

FORM DC 504 (pdf)

Consent to dismiss

FORM DC 508 (pdf)

Reinstate Landlord-Tenant

FORM DC 509 (pdf)

Motion for Installment Payments

FORM MC 15 (pdf)

Verification Regarding CDC Eviction Moratorium Declaration

FORM DC 511 (pdf)

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