Road Patrol


The Road Patrol Division of the Lenawee County Sheriff's Office provides regular patrol services to the twenty-two (22) Townships and Villages located within the 786 square miles of Lenawee County. The Road Patrol is charged with patrolling 1,522 miles of County roads and 154 miles of State highways, as well as providing police services to the 102,000 citizens in Lenawee County.  The Division provides additional part-time contract patrol services to two (2) Villages within Lenawee County.  The Division is supervised by one (1) Captain, one (1) Lieutenant and four (4) Sergeants who provide the foundation for the Department's Community Policing philosophy. The four Sergeants have four Corporals that assist them on each of the four platoons.  There are nineteen (19) Deputies assigned to the Road Patrol, two to the Drug Unit, one assigned as a Court Officer and one as a School Liasion/Road Patrol.  Those men and women of the Road Patrol Division strive to continually develop and promote this partnership through professional excellence and service.