Corrections Services

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Corrections Services

Captain Jim Craig, CJM 
Jail Commander
  The Lenawee County Jail serves a county-wide intake and detention center for pre-trial and sentenced offenders.  The facility is designed and operated to comply with Michigan State laws, Michigan Administrative Rules for Jails and Lockups and Constitutional requirements as defined by the courts.  Jail Staff operates the Jail in a manner that ensures safety and security for the general public, Jail Staff, visitors to the facility, and inmates.

     Jail Staff uses an objective classification system to separate inmates by needs and risks, such as being violence-prone, suicidal, or in need of protective custody.  Inmates lodged in the Lenawee County Jail are fed nutritionally adequate meals, receive necessary and appropriate medical and mental health treatment, are housed in clean and sanitary units, and have access to programs or services to meet religious and rehabilitative needs or requirements.  These are all things we believe the public expects from a Jail and represents our mission.

     The Jail is one partner in a larger criminal justice system that includes other law enforcement agencies, the court system, the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Parole and Probation, and the Citizens of Lenawee County.  Jail Staff is committed to efficiently managing resources dedicated to operating the Jail and providing excellent service to our partners and our community.



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