Sobriety Court

Introduction & Program Overview

The Lenawee County Sobriety Court Program is modeled after drug treatment courts across the United States. It follows the ten key components of Sobriety Courts as established by the Department of Justice. The objective of this Sobriety Court is to see a reduction in recidivism for repeat Drunk Driver offenders who have significant alcohol and other drug addictions, thus enhancing public safety in our community.


The 2A District Sobriety Court will be in session each Monday. The Sobriety Court Staff will consist of 2 Judges, Defense Attorney, Assistant Prosecutor, Sobriety Court Probation Officer, Sobriety Court Coordinator, Substance abuse assessor and counseling representative, and local law enforcement officials who will meet prior to each court review hearing.

Sobriety Court Participants Requirements

To participate in the Lenawee Sobriety Court the defendant must meet the following requirements:
  • Plea of Guilty to an OWI 2nd or higher (No Impaired, High BAC or OWI 1st convictions will be admitted).
  • No previous charges or convictions of violent crimes. This includes crimes that involve great bodily harm, sexual assault, or death.
  • Must reside in Lenawee County or live near the County line where transportation to Adrian is feasible. Non-Michigan residents will not be admitted.

Successful Court Foundation

The foundation of a successful Sobriety Court lies within the philosophy that while holding the participant accountable for his or her actions, the court also supports the participant overcoming his or her addiction and remaining abstinent from alcohol and other drugs. This will ultimately assure increased public safety through reduced recidivism. All of this is achieved through a supportive, non-adversarial judicial environment. Incentives are enveloped in our program to encourage progression through each phase. Sanctions are also used and shall be immediate and consistent on a graduated basis, including incarceration.


The 2A District Sobriety Court Program is part of a 24 month Probation sentence. Participants can complete the program prior to 24 months when he or he has adhered to the program requirements in all 4 phases. Phases are explained in more detail on the phase webpage on this site (located on the left side of the page).