Solid Waste Department


Lenawee County was hit hard by that last ice storm and now we have to clean up the aftermath.  

Contact your city, village, or township to see if they are conducting a special pick-up or drop off service.  

Most of us will be responsible for the clean-up and disposal of the debris left from the storm. 

COMPOST what you can!  

Look for a landfill with a compost site; like Liberty Landfill.   You should always confirm  acceptable materials, current costs, and hours of operation with the site.  

If burning, follow your local burning codes (set by the city, village, township) and review the Burning Debris page.  

Lenawee County Government does not provide curbside trash service for residents. 
Most communities rely on individual contracts with service providers. 

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  1. 9240 Tipton Highway

    Scrap Metal Collection

    Tipton Community Congregational Church will be holding a scrap metal collection 4/22/23! Read on...
  2. TIRERE~1
  3. pictures of old tires in yard with message &#34tired of the mess in your yard, community collection

    Lenawee Community Collection Event

    Join us for a free or low-cost recycling event at the Lenawee County Fairgrounds on Saturday May 20th! Read More
  4. superhero who recycles with words about household hazardous waste day

    Lenawee Household Hazardous Waste Day

    Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 13th for an opportunity to recycle household hazardous waste. Open to all Lenawee residents! Read More
  5. SW Cardboard
  6. OPEN

    Recycling DOS is Open Today

    The Recycling Drop Off Site is OPEN Read on...
  7. EGLE Hierarchy Graph


    The sustainable materials management hierarchy prioritizes actions we can all take to prevent and divert unwanted materials from being landfilled. Additional Info...
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