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While the Lenawee County Solid Waste Department does not provide trash services for residents, it is there to oversee county's Solid Waste Management Plan, licenses our local waste haulers, collect data on waste and recycling in the county, and provide a location for residents to bring their items to recycle. 

Recycling Drop-Off Site

Lenawee County has a Recycling Drop-Off Site at 307 River Street in Adrian that collects cardboard, paper, plastics 1-7, glass bottles and food containers, and tin and aluminum cans. 

Trash Service

Lenawee County government does not provide curbside trash service for residents.  Most communities rely on individual contracts with service providers, and many of your questions can be answered by your local carriers. For contact information, visit our Local Waste Haulers page.

New residents can check out our Cities, Townships, and Villages page to find their local municipality's contact information. Your local government should have more information about trash service in your area. 

There is currently no active landfill in Lenawee County. Residents can haul junk for drop-off to Liberty Landfill in Clarklake or to the Jefferson Township Transfer Station. Contact each location first to ensure they accept the materials you would like to dump. 

We frequently receive questions about where to dispose certain items, so we've created a helpful FAQ page! Learn what to do with your florescent lights, mattresses, batteries, yard waste and more! 

Our Household Hazardous Waste page has information on how to dispose of certain items that might need extra care, like pesticides, cleaning supplies, prescription drugs, etc. 


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