Emergency Management

The office of emergency management coordinates preparedness planning, training, and exercising between law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical services, health department, hospitals, human services agencies, and others involved in disaster response and recovery. The office of emergency management is mandated by Michigan Public Act 390 of 1976 as amended, it is better known as the Michigan Emergency Management act.

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The Emergency Management Coordinator and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff would activate during a disaster to provide support for the incident commanders in the field to provide them the necessary resources to mitigate a large incident. The EOC is the central location for the government to provide support during disaster operations.

Disaster Preparedness/Homeland Security Information

There is a great deal of information available on our site as well as on the Internet for citizens, organizations, and businesses about disaster preparedness and homeland security. The provided links will take you to some excellent sites where you can learn more about preparing you and your family for a disaster. You may wish to go to the frequently asked questions page to learn more about the types of services our office provides.

Emergency Alerts:  As of March 18, 2018, Lenawee County has moved from Code Red to RAVE for all weather and emergency alerts.  If you want to continue receiving alerts, you must register again at LenaweeAlerts . Your information will not transfer from Code Red to RAVE. 

While registering you will also have the ability to sign up for Smart 911.  

The emergency alert system provides us the ability to send out thousands of phone notifications instantly to those in an area affected by a weather event. 

After you register, when a weather event is sent to your phone you will see this number appear: 517.264.5362.

When you see this number you know it is from the weather notification system. Your personal contact information will never be used for any other purpose but to let you and your family members know that serious weather conditions exist. Sign up now!

Sign Up for Lenawee County Emergency Alerts

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This service is being provided by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security.

Seeking Local Volunteers

Are you willing to volunteer during local emergencies or disasters? Please register using the form below to join the list of local volunteers and you may be contacted to help when a need arises. Currently, we need clerical, data entry, and general help for the COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

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