Lenawee County Opioid Action Plan

Lenawee County has started to receive Opioid Settlement monies and will continue to do so until 2040.  In order to determine how these dollars should be allocated, we have developed the following timeline to assemble our plan for Lenawee County.


Opioid Settlement Monies
Meet with MAC and Community Needs Assessment Team
May 2023
Identify and Meet with Gold Standard Team
May 2023
Community Partner Questionnaire with Francine
On-going, to be completed by July 1, 2023
Questionnaires returned to Assessment Team for Community Needs Assessment, with findings 
July - September 2023
Town Hall Meeting
August 17, 2023
Scoring of Community Needs Assessment with recommendations given to Lenawee County, by Technical Advisor, Opioid Settlement Funds Planning and Capacity Building by Michigan Association of Counties (MAC)
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Reconvene Gold Standard Team for release of findings
Fall 2023
RFP's to be released
Fall 2023
Recommendations decided for submissions and presentation for Lenawee County Board of Commissioners approval
Fall 2023
Notification of programs and contracts
Fall 2023
Review of Community Needs Assessment 
Every 3 years

Lenawee Opioid Action Plan Vision Statement

To live in a community where everyone can live healthy, fulfilled lives not defined by substance use through trauma-informed care, education, and treatment.

As a community, understand that substance use can affect anyone and work to remove the stigma and break down barriers to recovery.   We must work to understand the systems in place that impact one’s initial decision to use and help educate youth, parents, and community members to prevent long-term substance use problems in the future.

To live in a world where everyone is supported with a multi-sector continuum of solutions designed to reduce opioid misuse and promote healthy, fulfilled lives.