Project Phoenix


What is Project Phoenix?

Project Phoenix is a proposed county facility that will house local, recreational, and business activities. Its collaborative development will drive significant economic activity into Lenawee County, enhancing the quality of life for residents, and developing a blighted property in our county.

lenawee_community_complex_logo_colorThe name of the proposed facility will be The Lenawee Community Complex. Serving the needs of the entire county, it will be a multi-use facility in addition to the indoor and outdoor sports courts and fields. Read more about it here in our blog

Where Will The Proposed Facility Be Located?

The Lenawee County Board of Commissioners has entered a short-term purchase agreement for the former Tecumseh Products site. A short-term purchase agreement allows them to secure the property for a period of time in order to do the necessary research for project viability.

While many potential project sites have been brainstormed over the years, this site became desirable for a number of reasons. One, there are several state grants available to develop this site in particular. Two, this site will allow us to draw from more populated areas of the state, with a closer proximity to Washtenaw County and Metro Detroit.

Tecumseh Products Site

Why Phoenix?

As these meetings progress, the concept of “The Phoenix” has emerged when referring to this project. The bird from Greek mythology is a creature who rose out of the ashes and transformed from death into life.

To rise like a phoenix from the ashes means to emerge from a catastrophe stronger, smarter, and more powerful. What a beautiful image this creates for this project on this site in our county. To take this land that has been destroyed, sitting unused, and blighted in our county and turning it into a more powerful economic driver is inspiring.


Will the proposed project drive economic development and opportunity in Lenawee County?

Yes, the market and economic analysis indicates that the proposed project will create jobs and pour additional money into Lenawee County each year.

Is there a demand for this type of facility in Lenawee County?

Yes, the market and economic analysis indicates that our region has a solid base of sports participants and there is moderate demand for the proposed new complex. 


What’s Next?

The Lenawee County Board of Commissioners are reviewing the draft of the market and economic analysis of the proposed project. 

An update will be given to the Lenawee County Board of Commissioners at their October meeting. They will be voting on October 20, 2021 on whether to move forward with the project. 

How Can I Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in this project as a project partner or investor, please contact Kim Murphy 

If you would like to sign-up for project updates, please sign-up for updates. 

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We Want Your Feedback 

We would like your feedback on if you think this is a project you would like to see in our county. Give your feedback to the Lenawee County Administrator and the Board of Commissioners in person, by phone, or by emailing them.

County Administratornotifyme3517-264-4508 

David Stimpson 
District 1 Commissioner
(City of Tecumseh, Tecumseh Township)
Phone: 517-423-0999

John Lapham 
District 2 Commissioner
(Woodstock Township, Cambridge Township, Rome Township)
Phone: 734-646-4340

Nancy Jenkins-Arno 
District 3 Commissioner
(Rollin Township, Hudson Township, Medina Township, City of Hudson, City of Morenci)
Phone: 517-605-4050

Dawn Bales 
District 4 Commissioner
(Dover Township, Madison Charter Township, Fairfield Township, Seneca Township)
Phone: 517-215-3417

Karol “KZ” Bolton 
District 5 Commissioner
(Eastside City of Adrian)
Phone: 517-265-5376

Terry Collins 
District 6 Commissioner
(Westside City of Adrian)
Phone: 517-265-8546

James Goetz 
District 7 Commissioner
(Palmyra, Blissfield, Deerfield, Ogden, Riga, and Ridgeway Townships)
Phone: 517-403-5646

Ralph Tillotson 
District 8 Commissioner
(Eastside Adrian Township, Raisin Township)
Phone: 517-263-1804

Chris Wittenbach 
District 9 Commissioner
(Westside Adrian Township, Franklin Township, Clinton Township, Macon Township)
Phone: 517-456-7322