Juror Instructions

Did you get a jury form in the mail? Wondering where to report?  You want to head to the Rex B. Martin Judicial Building.  Directions here

If you received a BLUE FORM, that is for District Court.  You'll want to report to the District Court Traffic Division office.  Once you pass security, take an immediate right and it's there on the right-hand side.  Ask for the Jury Clerk.

If you received a WHITE FORM, that is for Circuit Court.  You'll want to report to the Circuit Court office.  Once you pass security, take the elevators across the hall to the second floor.  Across the hall, you will find the Circuit Court office.  Ask for the Jury Clerk.

Juror Handbook for Circuit Court and Family Court

Welcome to jury service for the Lenawee County Circuit Court and Family Court. Jury duty is one of the most serious duties that members of a free society are asked to perform. Our system of self-government could not exist without it. The right to a jury trial is an ancient tradition and part of our heritage. Through your service, you ensure this right to all in the community. Thank you in advance for your service to Lenawee County. 

Jury Handbook