Lenawee County is Investing in You


Lenawee County is Investing in Children


We are investing in our children, developing leaders of the future through the MSU Extension and its 4-H program. Mentorship, hands-on projects, and meaningful leadership opportunities empower and inspire our young people to develop lifelong skills.


We invest in keeping our children safe through our foster care program in Lenawee County. We believe children should be in a safe and secure environment, to develop the skills they need to become responsible, productive adults in our community.

Lenawee County is Investing in Seniors


We are investing in our seniors by providing in-home care and assistance, respite care, transportation, and case management because we care about paying them back for their service to the community. Our seven senior centers across the county offer a wide range of activities like exercise classes, games, and social events. We provide access to computers, a full library, and education classes on a variety of topics. We provide over 800 meals a day for home delivery and serve meals at our senior centers daily.

Lenawee County is Investing in Safety


We are investing in your safety. By equipping our Sheriff’s Office and Dispatch Center with top-of-the line technology, equipment, and staff we can quickly respond to your 911 emergency call when you need us most. Our officers take your safety and security seriously and serve and protect you daily to make Lenawee County the safest place to live in our State.

Lenawee County is Investing in Justice

Investing in Justice

We are investing in justice. Justice for victims of crime through our Victim’s Advocacy program, justice for businesses through our Economic Recovery Unit, and justice for all citizens of Lenawee County. Our judges, prosecutors, and public defenders are committed to the administration of our laws and fair and equitable treatment for all. We focus on crime prevention and rehabilitation through our Sobriety, Drug, and Enhanced Treatment Courts which have an extremely high success rate in reducing re-offenders and these programs reduce our Jail costs.