County Courts

Circuit Court
The Circuit Court is the superior court for Lenawee County. 
District Court 
District Court, established by the Legislature in 1968, became a court of record in 1973 and testimony is recorded electronically by a Court Recorder. 
Friend of the Court 
Statutorily, the Friend of the Court handles domestic relation matters defined as meaning any Circuit Court proceeding as to child custody, parenting time, or child or spouse support that arises out of litigation under any statute of this state. 
Probate Court 
The Probate Court involves protection of the personal rights and property of certain persons who may not be capable of protecting themselves; such as minors and legally incapacitated persons. The Probate Court has jurisdiction over settlement of estate of deceased persons including probating of wills, appointing and supervising personal representatives appointed for estates, allowing claims against estates and determining amount of inheritance taxes due on estates. The Court also makes determinations on petitions for commitment of persons alleged to be mentally ill or developmentally disabled. Adoption proceedings, legitimation and acknowledgement of parent-hood, issuance of marriage license for underage persons, and legal change of name procedures, and petitions for condemnation of property are all filed in the Probate Court.

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