Martin Marshall

Administrator's Office
Title: County Administrator
Phone: 517-264-4508
Martin M

A lifelong resident of Michigan, Lenawee County Administrator Martin Marshall grew up in West Michigan, in the small town of Lakeview. He attended Lakeview High School and Olivet College. Marshall began working as a tax assessor in 1979. He relocated to Lenawee County in 1985 to work as the county’s deputy equalization director. In 1988, Marshall was named equalization director after his predecessor took a position elsewhere.

Marshall has served as the Lenawee County Administrator since he replaced Cheryl Whipple in December 2010. At the time of his appointment, Marshall had served as the county’s director of equalization for 25 years, a position he currently still holds. As equalization director Marshall is responsible for assisting the board of commissioners by conducting surveys for each class of taxable real and personal property in the county’s 26 assessment jurisdictions.

Since assuming the role of county administrator, Marshall has successfully led the county through a recovering economy following the Great Recession and adjusted the budget to coincide with the realities of the county’s current day revenues. In 2013, it was decided the county administrator would also serve as the county’s chief financial officer and chief administrative officer. All the administrative positions in the executive branch of county government report to the administrator.

In addition to his decades of county leadership experience, Marshall has also been a member of three the professional organizations throughout his career: the Michigan Assessors Association (MAA), the Michigan Association of Equalization Directors (MAED), and the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO). Marshall served on the board as chair and president of all three professional organizations, most recently completing his one year term as president of the IAAO in 2015. During his term as president of the IAAO, he had an opportunity to travel nationally and internationally on several occasions to study how property taxes function and government revenues are used in other states and countries.

Collectively, Marshall’s background has given him a solid understanding of public finance and tax structure which has benefited him in his position as county administrator. His experience as a board member, chair, and president of professional associations and his exposure to other organizations throughout the country and world has given him a greater appreciation for the functions and responsibilities of a board, especially in government organizations.

Marshall lives in Adrian with his wife Tina, a lifelong Lenawee County resident. They enjoy spending time with their six children and 16 grandchildren.


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