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THE LENAWEE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT STRONGLY URGES YOU TO MAKE SURE YOUR CHILDREN ARE FULLY VACCINATED!  If you choose to waive your child's immunization(s), you need to make an appointment at the health department to obtain Immunization Waiver Education by calling (517) 264-5226 (option 2)

BEAT THE HEAT THIS SUMMER ... the Michigan Department of Community Health has some tips for how to "beat the heat" and how to spot a heat-related illness.  Click here

TattooDID YOU KNOW THAT IN MICHIGAN all body art, tattooing and piercing procedures must be done in a licensed facility?  For more information on body art, a listing of licensed facilities and procedures to obtain a license please click here.  For additional information about obtaining a license call the Lenawee County Health Department, Environmental Health Division at (517) 264-5214 

DO1THING EVERY MONTH to Prepare for Emergencies!  Goal for this month:  insure that you are able to communicate with your family members during a disaster.  Learn more, click here

The health department has the following open positions:
Director of Nursing
For more information please click here 

Tno smoking_copyOBACCO USE IS THE SINGLE MOST PREVENTABLE CAUSE OF DEATH globally and is currently responsible for killing one in 10 adults worldwide.  Join the effort locally by contacting the Greater Lenawee Tobacco Reducation Coalition at (517) 264-5222

LENAWEE COUNTY RECYCLING CENTER ... Did you know? There's a recycling center that's open to all residents of Lenawee County.  Located at 306 River St., Adrian - it's open from 7am to 7pm 7 days/week.  They accept plastics #1-7, tin, glass, cardboard, newspaper, etc. See a complete list!  Click here

The next Food Handler's Class is July 15th at 2pm or 7pm
Click here for the 2015 schedule of classes

FAMILY MEDICAL CENTER OF MICHIGAN .... is dedicated to quality and excellence in providing comprehensive, cost-effective primary and preventive health care, regardless of age, ethnic background, or ability to pay.  Call (517) 263-1800 for more information




1040 S Winter St., Suite 2328
Adrian, MI   49221
Patricia Bourgeois, Health Officer
Teresa Bacon, Administrative Aide

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