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mosquitoBIRD BATHS ATTRACT BIRDS & MOSQUITOS .. remove sources of standing water outside your home to prevent West Nile Virus.  For more information click here
WHETHER IT'S A FAMILY BBQ in the backyard or a day off at the beach, here are some useful tips and guidelines for OUTDOOR GRILLING.  Following these tips can help reduce the risks of foodborne illness due to undercooked meat.  Serve your burgers, hot dogs and steaks to family and friends with confidence this summer.  Learn more, click here
Some ticks are more likely to transmit Lyme Disease than others.  Can you tell the difference?
Deer ticks - very small, orange/brown in color with black spot near the head.  Can be a carrier of Lyme Disease
Wood ticks - approximately twice as large as a deer tick, white spot near head.  Not a carrier of Lyme Diseas
Reduce your exposure:
Wear long sleeves/pants and tuck pant legs into socks/boots and shirts into waistbands when walking through the woods or fields.
Wear bug spray, particularly around ankles, wrists and waist.
Check yourself and your pets for ticks after enjoying the outdoors.
Gently remove ticks with tweezers-grab as close to the head as possible.
Ticks removed within 24-hours are not likely to transmit Lyme Disease.
After being outdoors:
Watch for characteristic ring-shaped rash-usually occurs within 4-10 days.  Other symptoms include fever, chills, headache, stiffness in joints and weakness/fatigue.
If you suspect a case of Lyme Disease contact your doctor immediately to reduce the chance of permanent effects.  If diagnosed early Lyme Disease is usually treatable with antibiotics.
DO YOU HAVE A CHILD WITH CHRONIC HEALTH CARE NEEDS?  There is a program that can help families pay medical bills for eligible children.  Eligibility does not depend on income.  Families of all incomes can join as well as those with private health insurance.  Find out more here or call the Lenawee County Health Department at (517) 264-5228
DO1 THING EVERY MONTH TO PREPARE FOR EMERGENCIES.  Goal for this month: insure that you are able to communicate with your family members during a disaster.  Learn more, click here

Wear plenty of sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat, wrap-around sunglasses and drink plenty of water!

THE LENAWEE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT has one full-time Nurse Practitioner position available.  More information on this position can be found here
Click here for the 2014 schedule of classes

None at this time

FAMILY MEDICAL CENTER OF MICHIGAN .... is dedicated to quality and excellence in providing comprehensive, cost-effective primary and preventive health care, regardless of age, ethnic background, or ability to pay.  Call (517) 263-1800 for more information



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