Circuit Court

Circuit Court

The 39th Circuit Court is the superior court for Lenawee County.

425 N. Main St.
Judicial Bldg. 3rd Floor
Adrian, MI 49221

Judge Margaret M.S. Noe, Circuit Court I
Judge Anna Marie Anzalone, Circuit Court II

The 39th Circuit Court is the superior court for Lenawee County. It has original jurisdiction over all felony criminal cases. It hears all civil cases involving claims over $25,000. It has exclusive jurisdiction locally relative to divorces, injunctions, writs of superintending control, writs of habeas corpus, etc.


Circuit Court Information.

New cases are filed in the order we receive them and it will take approximately 3 to 5 days to process.

We do not accept any pleadings by fax or e-mail.

We require you provide a self addressed, stamped envelope in order for us to return any pleadings.

Pleading deadline - All pleadings must be filed by the Wednesday prior to the following week's hearing date or as otherwise directed by the Judge or court rule MCR 2.119c.

All Court filings must include the case title, file number, title of pleading, and judge's name, see court rule MCR 2.113

Motions or response to motion - A judge's copy is required when filing an original motion, see court rule MCR 2.119(A)(2)

Domestic Filings - A Friend of the Court copy is required with all pleadings that involve minor children or spousal support, see court rule MCR 3.203(G)

Consolidated Court Cases - When cases are consolidated they keep their separate identities and parties to one action do not become parties to the other action.  If you consolidate cases and choose to put multiple case header's and case numbers on one pleading this Court does require a copy for each file

Pretrial - When filing a new case with this Court our Judge's require a pretrial be scheduled for the purpose of case flow management, see court rule MCR 2.401



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