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Lenawee Youth Center Scholarship Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Financial Information-Expenses and Resources for the first term/semester of college
  3. 3. Goals/Essay
  • Step One

    1. General Instructions – Lenawee Youth Center Scholarship Application 1. Application and statements must be filled out completely and include all required signatures. 2. Official high school and (if applicable) post-secondary transcripts are required. They may be photocopied. 3. College admission test scores (ACT/SAT) should be included if you are a recent graduate. They may be photocopied. 4. Proof of acceptance to and enrollment in an accredited institution is required. It may be photocopied. 5. Proof of your completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required. A confirmation notification receipt of your student report is sufficient. It may be photocopied. 6. An essay by the applicant is required (see page 5 of application). This essay should be 150 words or less and explain the applicant’s accomplishments, education, career goals and the applicant’s plans to fulfill those goals. 7. Two letters of recommendation must be attached to the completed application including one from a Maurice Spear Campus staff member and one from a community member or employer. Please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to guarantee that these letters are submitted with the application. If the recommending party wishes to send them direct to the Scholarship Committee rather than with the applicant, he/she may do so. However, it is imperative that they arrive in a timely manner to be reviewed with the completed application papers. 8. If an applicant is selected for an interview, that applicant must be willing to participate in a personal interview with the Lenawee Youth Center Scholarship Committee at a date/time to be mutually arranged between the two parties. 9. The suggested deadline for submitting the application is NO LATER THAN TWO MONTHS prior to the beginning of the appropriate semester in the school year. The following suggested deadlines have been established to meet this time frame. > Deadline for enrollment in fall semester -- July 1 > Deadline for enrollment in winter semester – November 1 > Deadline for enrollment in spring semester – April 1
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