How long is this going to last?

Unfortunately, there is no timeline for this crisis we find ourselves in. What is really important is that everyone does their part. Stay home, wash your hands, practice social distancing, cover your coughs and sneezes. Take this seriously. Your actions today affect the future of not only you, but also your friends and family. We are a strong community and working together, we can stay safe.

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1. Is the National Guard being deployed?
2. How long is this going to last?
3. Does Lenawee County have enough emergency supplies to make it through this crisis?
4. What can I do to help?
5. How can I send in my photo(s) for a #LenaweeHero?
6. I heard Michigan needs medical volunteers. How do I get involved?
7. When will the Stay Home, Stay Safe order be lifted? I’ve heard conflicting dates.
8. What about parenting time in custody situations? What are we supposed to do?