I was told that my family member can’t get tested and they are very sick. Why?

Orders for testing are issued by your primary care provider and the determination for testing is based on the current standards of medical care. Criteria have been established to prioritize testing. If your family member’s medical condition has changed, please contact your provider.

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1. Does Lenawee County have tests?
2. How can I get tested?
3. I was told that my family member can’t get tested and they are very sick. Why?
4. Who is doing the testing in Lenawee County?
5. How are they doing the testing in Lenawee County?
6. Why is it taking so long to get test results back?
7. Is the National Guard being deployed?
8. How long is this going to last?
9. Can my business stay open?
10. This is frightening and my provider is no longer seeing non-emergent patients. What mental health resources are available?
11. I don’t have a primary care doctor. Who should I call to be screened?
12. Does Lenawee County have enough emergency supplies to make it through this crisis?
13. I’m sick. What should I do? What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
14. Where can I buy toilet paper and other things my family needs?
15. What can I do to help?
16. How does COVID-19 spread?
17. Why aren’t you disclosing the location information for the confirmed cases in Lenawee County?
18. How soon after exposure do symptoms start?
19. Is there a vaccine?
20. Is there treatment?
21. Can we visit my grandparents?
22. Can we have extended family gatherings?
23. Can we visit the park?
24. Can I go golfing?
25. Can my kids go outside to play in the neighborhood?
26. Why are some businesses still open when they aren’t essential? When is Lenawee County going to start to enforce the Executive Order?
27. Can we go on vacation?
28. How often should I leave my household? Who is allowed to come with me?
29. How can I send in my photo(s) for a #LenaweeHero?
30. I think I have been exposed to COVID-19. What should I do?
31. Is it true that Detroit is sending their sick to Lenawee?
32. My business had to temporarily close during this crisis. What resources are there to help me?
33. I heard Michigan needs medical volunteers. How do I get involved?
34. If a person gets the virus and recovers, can they get it a second time?
35. Is it safer for me to have groceries delivered to my home rather than shop?
36. Are car washes allowed to be open for business?
37. Are campgrounds allowed to be open for business? Can my family and I go camping soon?
38. Why do I have to stay home? I’m not sick and have no symptoms.
39. Why is everyone wearing masks now? Should I make a mask?
40. We’re planning on going to our relative’s house for Easter dinner. That’s okay, right?
41. My kids are spending the night with their cousins. That’s okay because we are all family, right?