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Posted on: March 2, 2018

Mi Department of Health & Human Services Announcement

MDHHS Announcement

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services: Integrated Service Delivery

Submitted by Nancy C. Bishop, MDHHS Community Resource Coordinator

February 28, 2018

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has started their transition to Integrated Service Delivery (ISD).  Throughout this process MDHHS has worked closely with clients, community partners, and MDHHS caseworkers in order to create a user friendly system that will enable us to better serve our public.  As a result we have improved our paper application. In March the modernized MI Bridges Portal will be available and in the fall of 2018 we will introduce Universal Case Loads and an improved Contact Center. 

The first phase was the introduction of the New Paper Application which occurred in January of 2018.  It is shorter in both time and pages, tailored to the individuals program needs and is visually designed to improve customer experience.  This MDHHS application has been reduced from 42 pages to 18 pages, 18,409 words to 3,950 words and 1024 questions to 220 questions.  The response to the new application has been extremely positive. Due to the simplicity of the application the number of incorrect applications has been reduced and the average amount of time workers spend on correcting errors has decreased from 12 minutes per case to 3 minutes. 

The second phase of ISD will occur in March 2018 when MDHHS launches the new MI Bridges Portal.  The new MI Bridges portal is designed to mimic the paper application and has been simplified to allow improved access to those with mobile devices.  MI Bridges will introduce numerous new features. Individuals will be able to view the benefits and letters sent by MDHHS, upload documents using their smart phones, report changes directly to MDHHS and connect with resources that are registered with United Way’s 2-1-1. 

The new MI Bridges Portal will not only improve customer service but it will also provide a new tool that can aid our Community Partners with client assistance.  Community Partners will be able to register as Access Partners, Resource Partners and/or Navigation Partners. Access Partners simply have to offer access to smart devices in order to offer access to MDHHS assistance in multiple locations.  Resource Partners and Navigator Partners will have a Dashboard that allows them to connect with and track clients that are in need of their assistance.  Navigator Partners, with client consent, will be able to view client benefits and correspondence with MDHHS and will be notified when client redetermination are due. A New MDHHS Help Line will be introduce to assist our Community Partners.  

The Final Phase of ISD is scheduled to occur in the fall of 2018.  This phase will completely revamp how MDHHS offers customer assistance.  The current MDHHS “worker based” system was created over 40 years ago when our MDHHS caseworkers maintained an average of 100-150 cases. Today’s reality is very different; the average case load for a MDHHS Eligibility Specialist is 500-600 cases.  Continuing to service our clients the same way we always have is simply inefficient. With Universal Case Loads MDHHS Eligibly Specialist will be assigned specific tasks, not specific clients. This will improve their efficiency.  In addition MDHHS will introduce a new call center that will manage incoming phone calls, providing an easier way to reach MDHHS. It will improve the timeliness of customer contacts and lower or eliminate unanswered calls; often client questions will be answered immediately without the need to leave a message and wait for a workers return call. 

I encourage you to explore webpage. It offers a wealth of information including tools that our community partners can use, training opportunities, information on how to become a community partner and helpful tips about MI Bridges. If you have questions you can email or locally you can contact 

Nancy Bishop
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