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Posted on: December 28, 2017

From the Administrator



2017 County Achievements Include:

  1. Completed a Housing Needs Assessment and Target Market Analysis for most housing markets in Lenawee County.  This enables the communities to apply for grants and use the study to attract developers and investors to build housing needed in the area.
  2. Took part in the Lenawee Visioning process.  This process, led by One Lenawee and facilitated by Eric Wolcott of MSU Extension Service, involved Lenawee County residents over most of 2017 to create a vision and plan of action to enhance quality of life and promote the opportunities in the county.  
  3. Applied for and received a Michigan Department of Natural Resources Trust Fund grant in the amount of $300,000 to complete the Kiwanis Trail from its current northern end point at Ives Road on into the City of Tecumseh at Cal Zorn Park.  This was a top priority of the Connecting Lenawee subgroup of One Lenawee and completes a process started over 25 years ago.
  4. Made improvements to Taylor Road Park to control water level in the pond, clear the trail for better access, create openings for wildlife habitat and improve drainage on and around the park to reduce flooding.  The park was also used as a rest stop in the June cycling event by the Michigan League of Bicyclists.
  5. Appointed the Tax Allocation Board, placed the tax limitation on the November ballot and provided for an informational program to educate county voters on the question.
  6. Saw great participation in the Legislative Dinners held in June and November.  The exchange of information was very helpful to county leaders at all levels.
  7. The Lenawee County Airport successfully hosted many additional aircraft for the two Michigan International Speedway NASCAR events.  The June race brought additional aircraft due to the Jackson airport being closed for major improvements and the August race saw many of those same aircraft return.  The airport has also put many years of legal action behind it with the demolition of the last home on Lake Madison Court and removal of the road and utilities.  
  8. The Board of Commissioners approved a plan and contract to provide needed improvements to the radio systems of first responders in the county and the 911 Dispatch Center. The total project will add two new towers in the county and will operate over the 800 megahertz system in operation statewide.  The plan received unanimous support from the police and fire chiefs associations and will make their work safer and more efficient.
  9. By passage of the Tax Limitation Proposal on the November ballot, the voters of Lenawee County have laid a solid foundation for County services and programs

2018 County Projects:

  1. The first project for 2018 was actually kicked off just before Christmas with the architect, the construction manager and all of the effected officials meeting to hear the plans, timeline, scope and schedule of the rebuild of the Sheriff’s Office building.  The project will touch several buildings and several departments.
  2. The Kiwanis Trail project will get started this spring.  While there are several partners that have and will play major roles in this grant project, the County, as grant applicant, will be involved in all aspects.  
  3. Work on the ballot proposal demonstrated to us that there is still much work to be done helping county residents better understand the programs and services available from County offices.  Better communication with our citizens will be an ongoing project for all County departments.  
  4. The County will stay involved in the Visioning Process and will host the communications that keep the volunteers connected and involved.  While it will continue to be very much and grassroots, volunteer focused, effort, the County will provide the support and structure necessary to keep it moving forward. 
  5. Also from lessons learned on the ballot proposal, the County will be reaching out to local municipalities to see where we can cooperate, assist and just communicate to better serve the needs of county residents. 

In administering all of our projects, programs, and services, Lenawee County is committed to meeting the needs of the county in the most efficient and effective way possible.  The Board of Commissioners and the entire County team take seriously their responsibility as stewards of the public trust and will continue to protect the interests of county taxpayers.


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