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Posted on: May 23, 2017

Congratulations Alexander Stiverson!


The Board of Commissioners asked Lenawee County students to tell them why Lenawee County is such a great place to live and  Alexander Stiverson submitted the following:

What sets Lenawee County apart from other counties in Michigan and even the United States? There are countless reasons to come and live in Lenawee County and even leave your own mark on this great and historic county. To find a reason of what makes Lenawee County so great, look no further than the people here themselves. You’ll be hard-pressed to find kinder, caring, and more thoughtful people than right here in Lenawee County. They will unite as one to support the arts, the local sports teams, and the other individuals of our great county. We donate to families in need and families that have suffered heartbreak. We show them love and affection that can lift the spirits of individuals even in the most disastrous situations. Local landmarks and historic sites are another of the countless reasons that make Lenawee County a great place to live. A few of our great landmarks and sites that we have to offer include: Adrian Public Library, Croswell Opera House, Lenawee County Courthouse, Irish Hills Towers, Thompson House, and Lake Hudson. Being a native from Hudson, I have a special interest and great pride in our Hudson Public Library, Thompson House, and Hudson Museum. Along with the people and local landmarks, another reason that I am proud to be raised in Lenawee County are the schools here; education is the gateway to knowledge and success and there is no lack of that in Lenawee County. There are almost a dozen public schools in Lenawee County along with the LISD Tech Center and Southern Michigan Center for Science and Industry building in Hudson along with a satellite program in Tecumseh. The Tech Center and SMCSI are great programs to learn valuable skills and trades that can be used to improve not just oneself, but also Lenawee County. Being a student at SMCSI for the past two years, I can say firsthand that it is a great program offered to Lenawee County students and one of my favorite classes I’ve taken in my high school career. From robotics to CNC to electrical fabrication; I have learned skills and knowledge that just cannot be learned in a normal school setting. The opportunities that are available in Lenawee County, educational wise, are second to none. Along with the terrific high schools available in Lenawee, there are two top-tier private colleges available for us here in Lenawee County. Adrian College and Siena Heights are the number one up-and-coming colleges in the Midwest and one of the top Catholic colleges in Michigan respectively. There cannot be a doubt that we are blessed to have such spectacular institutions for higher knowledge available to us within an hours drive from anywhere in Lenawee County.  One of the greatest aspects I have seen from growing up in Lenawee County is the sense of community and county support for one another, groups, and individuals. A firsthand experience of this community support is when I had to raise money to attend a leadership program in Washington, D.C. for a week. One of our local businesses offered for us to set up at the entrance of their store and donated supplies and money to help me reach my goal to attend this leadership conference. Along with the local businesses offering donations and supplies, there was countless local families that showed up and donated financially to my cause. Without the support and big hearts of my fellow community members, it would have been nearly impossible for me to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to grow my leadership skills. That is just one of my own personal experiences with the support of  the community coming together to help others. I have also witnessed countless other acts of selflessness and kindness within our tightknit county. We are just born and raised here in Lenawee County to support, care, and improve the lives of those within our county and also the surrounding counties. Having grown up in Lenawee County all my life, it is important to me to stay and build a life and career after my graduation from college; that being one of the local colleges in our county, Siena Heights University. I want to be able to live and grow my own family in the county that has given so much to me and my family through many generations.  This desire to stay and continue to improve Lenawee County is one of the effects from growing up in Lenawee. You build a connection with the communities and people here and it is difficult to picture yourself living anywhere else. I am proud to call Lenawee County home and cannot thank my parents, family and individuals of this great county enough. The quote from my town of Hudson and one that can also be used to describe Lenawee County is "small town, big heart";  we are all connected and dedicated to serving our great county and communities. 

Well said, Alexander! 

~ Best of luck 


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