1. Personal Health Services

    Learn about the nursing clinics available with the Health Department.

    1. Animal Bites and Bats

      Nurses from our Communicable Disease Program provide investigation, information and case management for individuals with animal bites including bat exposure.

    2. Breast & Cervical Cancer Control

      The Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program (BCCCNP) provides breast and cervical cancer screening services for women 40 years of age or older who meet certain income and insurance requirements 517-264-5235.

    3. Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

      Prevention services focusing on community and individual education regarding lead exposure

    4. Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS)

      The CSHCS offers services for children and adults with complex health care needs and their families 517-264-5228.

    5. Communicable Disease

      The Communicable Disease program provides investigation, information, and follow-up for communicable disease cases (517-264-5243).

    6. Hearing & Vision

      Hearing and vision screening for preschool and school age children.

    7. Immunization

      Get vaccines, by appointment, provided for children, teens and adults for protection from many types of diseases.

    8. Pregnancy Testing & Counseling

      Pregnancy testing and counseling is available for females ages 14 and older.

    9. Reproductive Health Services

      Family Planning provides confidential exams and education for females of childbearing age seeking birth control (517-264-5226).

    10. STI/HIV Testing & Counseling

      Get confidential Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing, counseling, referrals and partner treatment (517-264-5226).

    11. Tuberculosis (TB) Testing & Control

      Access TB skin testing and follow-up treatment for adults and children (517-264-5226).


      The WISEWOMAN is a program for women currently enrolled in the BCCCP that teaches them how to reduce and/or prevent their risk of heart disease (517-264-5223).

  2. Environmental Health Programs

    Receive environmental health resources from the Health Department.

    1. Body Art Facility Inspections

      Environmental Health Sanitarians inspect body art facilities for safety and cleanliness.

    2. Campground Inspections

      The Lenawee County Health Department issues a license for operation of a temporary campground. Seasonal campgrounds are licensed by the State of Michigan based on a licensing recommendation and inspection provided by the Lenawee County Health Department.

    3. Child & Adult Care Facility Inspections

      The Lenawee County Health Department conducts plan reviews and environmental inspections of Family Child Care Homes, Group Child Care Homes, Child Care Centers, Foster Family Homes, Group Foster Homes, Child Caring Institutions and Children and Adult Camps.

    4. Food Service

      Environmental Health Division staff inspects and licenses restaurants and food facilities to make sure that food is safe to eat and the public’s health is protected (517-264-5213).

    5. Public Swimming Pools

      The Lenawee County Health Department inspects all licensed public swimming pools.

    6. Radon Testing

      Radon is an invisible, radioactive gas created from natural deposits of uranium in the ground. Radon gas can be drawn into a building and build up to levels that can cause a health concern. Finding high levels of radon in the home has nothing to do with the age, quality, or upkeep of the home.

    7. Sewage Disposal Program

      The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality regulates municipal wastewater collection and treatment systems such as the one serving the City of Adrian.

    8. Smoke-Free Air

      Lenawee County’s Smoke-Free Work Site regulation and Michigan’s Smoke-free Air Law, help protect county residents from secondhand smoke (517-264-5205).

    9. Wells

      Before building begins, permits are needed for new and replacement wells serving single-family homes and some public buildings (517-264-5214).

  3. Environmental Health Information & Links

    1. Bed Bug Information

      Michigan's information outlet to help you solve bed bug problems.

    2. Complaint Form

      Complaint forms can be submitted to our office for investigation if you believe there has been a violation of the Lenawee County Environmental Health Code (e.g., if your complaint is related to food, water, septic, garbage, vermin, smoke-free air or other environmental health issues)

    3. Document Request Form

      (Previously FOIA) can be submitted if you wish to request information relating to a property, food-service establishment, etc.

    4. Environmental Health Code (2013)

      Lenawee County's Environmental Health Code was adopted in 2013.

    5. Environmental Health Fee Schedule

      Environmental Health Fee Schedule

    6. Food Handler's Class Schedule

      Food Handler's Class Schedule

    7. Manager's Certification Class Schedule

      Manager's Certification Class Schedule

    8. West Nile Virus

      West Nile Virus information

  4. Emergency Preparedness

    The Lenawee County Health Department emergency preparedness program focuses on ensuring that we are prepared to respond to intentional or unintentional public health emergencies.

  5. Internships

    The Lenawee County Health Department invites college and graduate students to apply for an internship with us!

  6. Insurances Accepted

    Health insurances that are accepted in the Lenawee County Health Department clinics