Dog Licenses

The State of Michigan requires that the owner of a dog that is four or more months old apply for a license. If your dog is lost, its tag will also help law enforcement find you!  Lenawee County Animal Control has access to the County Treasurer's database of licensed dogs and can track down the owner at any time as long as your address and phone number are up to date and the dog is wearing its county license.

  • A valid Rabies Certificate must be presented every year to be issued a license. (Paper copy required.)
  • The Rabies vaccination must not expire less than two weeks of the license issue date.
  • Licenses may be renewed by mail or in person. When renewing by mail, please include a copy of the Rabies Certificate, check or money order payable to Lenawee County Treasurer, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • The cost of the licenses for all dogs 4 months or older: December 1- February 28 - $10.00. March 1 - November 30 - $20.00.
  • Service Dogs are $0.00. Proof is required.
  • Licenses must be purchased within 30 days of relocating to Lenawee County or receiving the Rabies vaccine for a new puppy.  
  • If you move or change your phone number please call our office at 517-264-4554 to update our records.

2018 Dog Licenses will be available, December 1st, 2017 - February 28, 2018, at the following locations:

Lenawee County Treasurer's Office
  Adrian Township
Blissfield Township
  Cambridge Township
  Clinton Township
Deerfield Township
Dover Township
  Fairfield Township
  Franklin Township
Hudson Township
Macon Township
Medina Township
Ogden Township
  Palmyra Township
  Raisin Township
Ridgeway Township
  Riga Township
  Rollin Township
Seneca Township
  Tecumseh Township
 Woodstock Township
  City of Hudson
  City of Morenci
  City of Tecumseh