Steps to follow

Welcome to Lenawee County’s Enhanced Treatment Court (ET Court). You are receiving this folder for the materials you will be collecting during your time in the Court to help you keep track of information you will need. 

The ET Court Team wishes you success in the program, and is here to offer you support and encouragement. Here are the steps you will follow, with the papers you will receive at each step in BOLD CAPITALS:

 1.       Plea to ET Court: At this point, the Prosecutor and your defense attorney have discussed and reviewed your case and a plea to ET Court has been offered. If you agree, the judge agrees, and it is otherwise appropriate for you to be released on bond, you will be released on bond and will be required to follow ENHANCED TREATMENT COURT BOND CONDITIONS, in addition to any other conditions imposed by the judge. The first thing you will need to do under your bond conditions is report directly to your probation officer.  Please note: This is the beginning of the process of being admitted to ET Court. Your case must be reviewed by the ET Court team before being accepted. This will occur before sentencing on your case, which will be scheduled for 4-6 weeks from the date of the plea. At this time you will also sign a PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT which includes ET COURT RULES.  

2.       Must Complete Assessment with CMH:  you will meet with _________ at Lenawee Community Mental Health for a mental health assessment for eligibility into ET Court

3.       Orientation to ET Court: you will receive your orientation and ET COURT ORIENTATION FORM from assigned probation officer, Heidi Cannon. 

4.      Drug testing: You will start drug testing right away. You will be assigned a ‘color’ when you sign up for testing.  You have a chance of being called in for testing every day so you will need to call ____________ every morning to see if your color is being called that day.  You will receive DRUG TESTING RULES AND REQUIREMENTS from your probation officer.

5.       Court Hearings: You will be attending Court Hearings on ______________________________starting as soon as the ET Court plea is entered, unless otherwise directed by court staff. 

6.       Treatment:  You may already have a treatment provider, if so you will continue to attend treatment with your current provider.  You will need to sign a release of information for your provider for communication between the team and the provider.  If you do not currently have a treatment provider you will discuss this with ____________ at your assessment.  If you have co-occurring substance abuse issues you will also need to engage in the appropriate treatment and sign a release of information.  

7.       Sober Supports: You will be expected to engage actively in support groups. Engagement group calendars are included in this folder to help identify opportunities. You may also be asked to complete SOBER SUPPORT MEETING REVIEW SHEETS from time to time to help you reflect on the groups you participate in.

8.       Community Service: You will be expected to perform some community service. A possible list of options is included in this folder.

9.      Probation Conditions: When you are accepted into ET Court, you will be notified by the ET Court defense attorney. You will be sentenced to ET Court and you will be placed on Probation with the ET Court Probation Officer. At sentencing, you will receive ORDERS OF PROBATION, which will include the standard ET Court Orders plus anything specific to your case.

10.    Keeping organized and goal-oriented: Our goal for you is to complete the program successfully, which will mean that you have a successful recovery, draw on the tools and supports that are offered to stay in recovery, and ultimately that you do not get involved in the criminal justice system in the future. We have a PARTICIPANT HANDBOOK to help you with that. We are providing a PLANNER to help you keep track of all of your commitments and a NOTEBOOK for you to use as a journal as you reflect on your progress. Your Probation Officer or Treatment Provider may provide you with other resources.