Enhanced Treatment Court

District Court Opens the Enhanced Treatment Specialty Court 

December 2015 marked the opening of a new Specialty Court in Lenawee County, established to oversee and coordinate treatment for offenders with a serious and persistent mental illness.  Enhanced Treatment Court recognizes that offenders’ violations may result from an underlying cause of mental illness and, if left untreated, offenses will continue.  The Honorable Jonathan Poer presides over the Court to ensure compliance with both treatment and probation requirements.  Benefits include improved public safety, coordinated delivery of services, and improved quality of life.

Enhanced Treatment Court accepts offenders who have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, PTSD, or schizophrenia.  Veterans may come into the program and will receive services through the VA.  The Court Team (court staff, treatment providers, prosecutor, and a defense attorney) make decisions regarding admission, probation, treatment, and specialized services. 

Referrals are encouraged for any offenders charged with a misdemeanor suspected of having a mental illness, including veterans with PTSD.  If accepted, participants agree to a 4-phase, 16-24 month program involving probation and treatment appointments, psychiatric oversight, substance use testing (if applicable), weekly court hearings, and community service.  

Court staff encourages those who interact with offenders who are, or may be, struggling with a mental illness to forward a referral for consideration.  A psychological assessment will be ordered and consideration will be given to enrollment.  

For assistance or a referral form, please contact Ashley Boehlke at 517-264-4677.