Board of Commissioners


David Stimpson, Chair


Terry Collins, Vice Chair

The Board of Commissioners is the legislative body of Lenawee County and, in addition, discharges a number of specific administrative responsibilities by State law.
Major duties of the Board are: 

  1. Determine the amount of funds to be levied in the form of property taxes for operation of County government, or borrowing of funds if necessary.
  2. Review and adoption of the annual budget for County government.
  3. Annually equalizing property assessments among local governmental units to establish the County property tax base.
  4. Apportioning property taxes to each unit.
  5. Appointing a number of County officials to various County boards and commissions.
  6. Establishing management policies for: a) operation, maintenance and control of County buildings and other property b) operation of those County departments which are subject to the Board's managing control
  7. Adoption of local ordinances. 
  8. Performance of other statutory ministerial duties.
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