Schedule of Events

  1. Pile of mattresses - recycle Michigan logo

    Daylight Savings Time Begins March 14th

    Don't forget to spring forward...and hey, you know what else has springs? Mattresses! Mattresses aren't able to be recycled at the curbside or at a drop-off, usually, but they can be recycled.
  2. Super-Recyclers

    Super Recyclers

    They carefully pick that water bottle off the top of the trash can and toss it in the recycling bin. They carefully remove all shipping materials before breaking down their boxes. They are recycling heroes, and they're important helpers! Read on...
  3. Plastic Bags

    Plastic Bags are recyclable BUT

    They get us all tied up and wreak havoc at the recycling facility! Plastic bags are recyclable at many retail centers - but not at the RECYCLING DROP OFF SITE. Feel free to bring your stuff in a plastic bag, just take the bag home with you Read on...

    Recycling DOS is Open Today

    The Recycling Drop Off Site is OPEN Read on...
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 Check the calendar for upcoming events and keep in mind: 

Tire & Household Collection 
(Typically held in May)

Household Hazardous Waste Collection
(Typically held in May)

Lenawee County Fair 
(The end of July)
Fall Electronic (E-waste) Collection Event  
(Typically held in September)
MDEQ 2019-2020 Scrap Tire Grant Applications available - Sept/Oct  

2020 W-H License Renewal - October

emember to check with your municipality for additional collection events