1. Administrator's Office

    The Administrator's Office has 3 primary functions: provision of staff assistance to the County Commission and it's various Committees, communicating between the Commission and it's various program areas, and direction of county internal central services.

  2. Airport

    The Lenawee Airport can accommodate virtually all Business and General Aviation aircraft. The airport also has a very nice grass strip that is great for small GA crosswind operations. Our ample ramp area means that we will always have room for you during your next visit.

  3. Building & Grounds

    Maintenance and Housekeeping are to provide the highest quality services and management in the areas of County facilities and parks; and to ensure a safe, healthy, and productive business environment.

  4. Circuit Court

    The 39th Circuit Court is the superior court for Lenawee County. It has original jurisdiction over all felony criminal cases. It hears all civil cases involving claims over $25,000.

  5. County Clerk

    The County Clerk's Office oversees all records for births, deaths, marriages, assumed names, Circuit Court records, election information, notaries and concealed pistol license. In addition they take care of the Counties payroll and accounts payable.

  6. Department of Human Services

    The Department of Human Services administers programs providing for economic, social, and medical assistance to the disadvantaged residents of Lenawee County.

  7. Department on Aging

    The Adrian Senior Center is the place in Adrian for adults age 55 and over to connect, to stay healthy and fit, to build new skills and to join a community.

  8. District Court

    District Court, established by the Legislature in 1968, became a court of record in 1973 and testimony is recorded electronically by a Court Recorder.

  9. Drain Commissioner's Office

    The Drain Commissioner maintains and operates many stormwater drains, wastewater systems and water systems throughout Lenawee County. This office also issues and enforces soil erosion permits, inspects preliminary plats and maintains court-ordered lake levels.

  10. Emergency Management

    The Office of Emergency Management coordinates preparedness planning, training, and exercising between law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical services, health department, hospitals, human services agencies, and others involved in disaster response and recovery.

  11. Equalization

    The primary and statutory function of the Equalization Office is to assist the County Board of Commissioners in matters of equalization. This means the department conducts sample surveys of each class of taxable real and personal property in the 26 assessment jurisdictions of Lenawee County to determine the true cash value of each unit.

  12. Friend of the Court

    The Friend of the Court enforces domestic relation matters which include any Circuit Court proceeding as related to child custody, parenting time, or child or spousal support.

  13. Mapping (G.I.S.)

    The Equalization/G.I.S. Division maintains mapping related information for the county.

  14. Health Department

    The mission of the Health Department is to enable the citizens of Lenawee County to enjoy the best possible state of health, free from avoidable disease, disability, and the threat of premature death.

  15. Information Technology

    The Information Technology Department supports computer and network systems for Lenawee County departments.

  16. Lenawee Transportation

    Lenawee Transportation is Lenawee County’s public transportation system offering transit service to most areas in Lenawee County.

  17. Maurice Spear Campus

    The Maurice Spear Campus (MSC) is a 66-bed County-operated detention and treatment facility located on 35 acres of land in Lenawee County.

  18. Medical Care Facility

    The Lenawee County Medical Care Facility is a 136-bed, skilled nursing facility.

  19. Medical Examiner

    The Medical Examiner's Office is a 24-hour, on-call service which investigates sudden, violent, unexpected, and suspicious deaths which occur in Lenawee County.

  20. Michigan State University Extension Office

    MSU Extension is an educational outreach arm of Michigan State University, providing information and offering ongoing educational programs in the areas of Agriculture and Natural Resources; Children, Youth, and Families; and Community and Economic Development.

  21. Printing and Purchasing Department

    The Printing and Purchasing Department service all County departments as well as Townships, Cities, Villages, Churches, Schools and any non-profit organizations in Lenawee County.

  22. Probate Court

    The Probate Court protects the personal rights and property of certain persons who may not be capable of protecting themselves, such as minors and legally incapacitated persons.

  23. Prosecuting Attorney

    The Prosecuting Attorney is an elected official with a four-year term of office, as provided by the Michigan Constitution. The Prosecuting Attorney is the acting chief law enforcement official in the County, responsible for a wide array of legal functions for the County.

  24. Register of Deeds

    Register of Deeds Office is responsible for recording and maintaining land records for Lenawee County

  25. Road Commission

    Visit the Lenawee County Road Commission's website.

  26. Central Dispatch

    Lenawee County Central Dispatch communicates with police, ambulance and fire departments within Lenawee County, along with surrounding counties to provide Lenawee County citizens with emergency and non emergency responses from the appropriate agencies.

  27. Sheriff's Office

    The Sheriff's Office provides 24/7 Law Enforcement services including Road Patrol, Corrections, Records and houses the Lenawee County Central Dispatch Center.

  28. Solid Waste Department

    Find information on solid waste disposal and recycling in Lenawee County.

  29. Treasurer's Office

    The County Treasurer's Office is responsible for the collection of property taxes, dog licenses and management of county funds.

  30. Veterans Affairs

    Veterans Affairs assist the veteran and their dependents in obtaining and maintaining various federal, state and county benefits.